Monday, September 22, 2008

Renewable and Alternative Energy Research

The One-Stop Resource for Renewable Energy Research has the most comprehensive listing of available renewable energy market analysis, data and forecasts. The research follows the changes and developments with renewable energy technologies on a global scale. The reports provide clear insight into where the global markets and technologies are at the moment...and where they are headed. It is your complete source for renewable energy research.

More than 15 new Renewable Energy products are now available, offering the latest market information including consumption and demand, market history, and advantages and disadvantages.

Renewable and Alternative Energy Research

• Renewable Energy Report - Comprehensive analysis of the various renewable energy resources detailing the contribution and characteristics of each resource and the related renewable energy technologies.

• Advanced Materials and Devices for Renewable Energy Systems - Global market study for advanced materials and devices for renewable energy systems. Includes a forecast for the industry with current and future trends including five-year market forecasts through 2011,a detailed review of important technology in the industry, analyses of past and recent patents, and profiles for the top players in the market.

• The Wind Power Report - Comprehensive survey of feed-in tariffs and RPS (Renewable Portfolio Standard) incentives and listing practices by country for 43 countries. Includes list of major wind developers and profiles of leading turbine manufacturers.

• Wind Turbines and Related Products - Study encompasses the major U.S. wind turbine markets, determines its current status, examines the impact for the future, and presents forecasts of growth over the next five years. Technological issues including the latest trends are discussed. Factors such as rising energy costs, changing government regulations and improving efficiencies are also reviewed.

• Renewable Capacity Forecasts - Power generating installed capacity for every country historically from 1990 to 2002 and forecasts to 2010. Renewable capacity forecasts are provided for RES, Hydro, Wind, Industrial Waste (Non-Renewable), Municipal Waste, Solid Biomass, Gas from Biomass, Geothermal, Solar PV, Ocean, total conventional and alternative generation, and total generating capacity.

• Solar Photovoltaic Report - Report provides analysis on the installed capacity and production and the effect the shortage of silicon had on it. Also covers China's entry into the market, global leaders in the PV market, and how the lack of statistical information from Germany has affected the market.

• Green Materials for Electrical, Electronic and Other Applications - Review of hazardous materials on an international scale with examination of related environmental initiatives and regulations, market analysis of the replacement materials with forecasts to 2010 and geographic distribution. Includes a list of the leading manufacturers of "green" materials with a description of their products and detailed company profiles.

• Photovoltaics: Global Markets & Technologies - Details involved in driving product demand within this market in conjunction with trends, potential sales, and forecasts for various market sectors through 2010. Explanations of current research efforts as well as the characterization and quantification of developing environmental nanotechnologies already poised to enter the marketplace. Listing of manufacturers involved with the production of these nanotechnologies along with their anticipated product volumes.

• Catalysts for Environmental and Energy Applications - Characterizes the current energy and environmental catalyst market in quantitative and qualitative terms and identifies segments of the energy and environmental markets with the greatest commercial potential in the near to mid-term (2007 to 2012).

• Global Markets for Photovoltaic Balance of SystemComponents - Examination of the markets for BOS components from the standpoint of various world market segments for photovoltaic (PV) installations, BOS PV markets that have either revealed themselves as sustainable with high growth potential or are just emerging, also with high growth potential.

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